What We Report

Threat Watch is committed to providing links to the critical information you need. We must all be vigilant and understand the threats we face so we can make the best informed decisions possible where it comes to our safety and security and more importantly, the safety and security of our loved ones. We focus on news from six critical areas; Security, Liberty, Economy, Disease, Disinformation and Christian Persecution.


The security section concentrates on international and internal threats that could escalate quickly and result in significant threats. In this section we will post news related to the escalation of hostilities between the US and Russia, China, North Korea, and Iron. Other conflicts that could escalate to levels that could the US including the Pakistani/Indian Conflict and the Syrian Civil War (now a proxy way between several nations and powers) are also covered as are threats from terrorism and cyber-attacks. As the divide between various factions within the United States continues to widen the threat co internal civil unrest increases. News around this topic is also reported under the security section.


The rise of the surveillance state was a major topic of writers such as George Orwell. Their portrayal of distopian futures based on the use of spy technology and propaganda machines is not quite the stuff of science fiction and speculation anymore. It is the here and now reality of our connected, digital world. We cover news about these threats to our rights in the Liberty section.


The growing world debt crisis threatens to crash not only local and national economies but the global economy as well. We report on risks associated with economic crash and crisis in the Economy section.


Historically, global and localized epidemics and pandemics have shaped as much of human history as anything else. Our current technology and medical knowledge has held back the tide of disease but it is likely that, at some point, it will fail to do so. Reporting on the potential for epidemics and pandemics is covered in the Disease section.


The media is no longer, if it ever was, the unbiased fourth form of checks and balances the US founding fathers envisioned. Each media outlet has a bias and an agenda that it attempts to further through what is reported, how it is reported and even if it is reported at all. We will attempt to shine a spotlight on the media when they have attempted to sway public opinion by failing to report on follow up stories after the initial headlines have passed from our memories.

Christian Persecution

While major news outlets and thought leaders would have you believe otherwise Christians are the most persecuted religious group on the planet. In some cases that may take fairly subtle forms but in many others it is through outright slaughter. We will attept to shine a light on these instances as well.